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Kiln Drying

The manufactured products can be kiln dried in steam heated Kilns for a number of reasons including remanufacturing for Sidewall Application, transportation purposes or Government requirements. Typical drying is done for 7 days reaching a maximum temperature of 170° Fahrenheit bringing the moisture level down to between 20-25%. For remanufacturing purposes the moisture content is brought down to 12-15%, taking up to 12 days to dry.

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Pressure Preservative Treating

CCA Treatment provides long term protection from fungal decay. CCA treatment is very common for hot and humid climates.

This treatment is conducted in vacuum chambers by filling them with chemical and pressurizing them to 0.40lb/ft³ (6.4kg/m³), then removing the air thus a creating a vacuum ensuring that the chemical actually penetrates beyond the surface of the product. It can then be left to drip dry or be kiln dried before shipping.

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View CCA Treatment Certificate.

Fire Treating

All products can be fire treated prior to installation. Fire retardant classes are categorized as either ‘B’ or ‘C’. ‘B’ being the most resistant to moderate fire for a longer period of time and ‘C’ being resistant to light fires. A Class ‘A’ roof system can be obtained by using Class ‘B’ product with an approved fiberglass cap underlay.

The fire retardant process consists of drying the product, to remove moisture, in Dry Kilns then using vacuum chambers to pressure impregnate it with the fire retardant of choice, this ensures that the chemical penetrates all the way through to the inner cells of the wood. Once this is completed the products are re-dried in Dry Kilns locking in the chemical retardant providing a completely fire retarded product protected from the elements such as wind and rain. This type of fire retardant treating is far superior to topical treatments applied after installation, which in certain cases can be worn away or washed off.