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Care & Maintenance

Cedar roofing and siding products require minimal upkeep beyond standard household maintenance. Ensuring cleanliness and freedom from debris can significantly extend the lifespan of your Cedar installations.

Professional intervention is recommended for specialized cleaning, as certain chemicals can be used to enhance the appearance of your Cedar projects.

Maintaining a clear distance from branches and shrubs is beneficial, as it reduces dirt accumulation and prevents fungal growth. The installation of Zinc or Copper strips can also be an effective measure against fungal infestations.

For Cedar roofs, it’s crucial to keep overhanging branches at bay and regularly remove leaves to allow the material to breathe.

Western Red Cedar is naturally endowed with preservatives that resist moisture, decay, and insect damage. These preservatives are toxic to fungi that cause decay. To provide comprehensive protection against moss and fungi, pre-installation CCA treatment is available for roofing products.

Avoid exposing your Cedar products to high-pressure water, such as that from DIY pressure washers, as it can damage the wood fibers. Cleaning can be safely done using a garden hose, while more intensive cleaning should be entrusted to a professional.

Replacing individual pieces is a straightforward process that doesn’t compromise the performance or aesthetics of your project, thanks to the consistent natural qualities of Cedar that have stood the test of time.